Samstag, 8. Juli 2017

Berlin Fashion Week @ Bright Tradeshow

Berlin Fashion Week is over.

The experiences I've made are so long-lasting that I'll probably profit from them forever.
As I've told you in the previous post, I was there to represent a streetwear label from New York, called Infinite Society. It's a very young label that found its feet in the streets of New York and is now trying to expand to Europe. The label exhibited at the Bright Tradeshow, a tradeshow belonging to the Premium Group which always takes place during Berlin Fashion Week. Bright Tradeshow focuses on street/skate and urban wear so brands like Vans, Levi's or Obey presented their new collections in the halls of "ARENA BERLIN". The location is directly at the Spree river so it had a wonderful industrial, modern touch right by the calm river.

I really got a lot of style inspiration the past few days and I think it's always the same when you go to big fashionable cities like Berlin. Every city develops its individual style spirit and even though you can notice certain trends that are "typical Berlin", you can still wear whatever the f*** you want to cause this city is open-minded as hell. There is no right or wrong and the braver you are the better it will look. I really learned to not always play safe but to step out of your fashion comfort zone sometimes. 

What really exhausted me was the speed and hectic of the city. I'm not at all used to a size of a city like Berlin so I totally underestimated how long it takes to go from a to b. I've been to Berlin a couple of times before but as a tourist you take the time you need to travel through the city. Once you're there for appointments, shit gets crazy...

Anyway, it was an absolute pleasure to work at the tradeshow and I really hope to do it agan soon!
But first, I'll be off to Amsterdam for a few days and I hope to expand my inspiration in my absolute alltime favourite city! ♥

C u soon,
H ♥


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