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"All Eyez On Me" Review, Life Update and Motivational Words

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Hola peeps,
I was resurrected. This semester finally came to an end. In may life challenged me with a loss of a beloved family member for the first time but every end is a new beginning and it's our duty to overcome any obstacle that God will put in our path. 
Through any challenging parts in life we need to keep focusing what's important in life and what we aim for so during my absence I was taking new chances that I'll be talking about in some minutes.

First, I need to talk about the film I was waiting for over a year: All Eyez On Me.
Before I even start. Kids, I'm a bit dissapointed. The film was only scratching the surface of the life of Tupac. While the first important years were literally cut in short scenes you could not really grasp what Tupac was actually fighting for throughout his whole career. 

To be honest, as a real fan I was still enjoying the pictures of his life and his music (which was also missing out a bit). But there are so many more known details of his life, even though they might be rumours you could at least use them to make the film itself a bit more special and exciting.  

Even though the product placement game was almost too strong, I really enjoyed the hoodies, sweaters or shirts they wore in the movie. Especially Suge was dressed all good. 

All in all, it was a nice movie but it couldn't make you dive deep enough into it.  

Okay now let me talk about what is going on atm. 
May main project at the moment is definitely the preparation for the Bright Tradeshow in Berlin where I'll be working as a brand representative for a streetwear label from New York. The Bright Tradeshow is a streetwear fair that is going alongside the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin. In case you'll visit the Bright Tradeshow, let me know! I'm definitely excited for this since it's the first time working at an event like this and it's definitely a challenge to represent a brand and therefore act as an exhibitor. If you want to follow my journey at the Bright Tradeshow, follow me on Snapchat and Instagram (@helenalousi). 

Besides Berlin I've also planned my other trips this year which will go to my beloved Amsterdam and to Italy as a roundtrip. 
I'm excited to get my third tattoo in Amsterdam, which I'll definitely talk about after the appointment.  

This year has been such a blessing when it comes to career opportunities, successful projects which I was a part of and which made me learn and see so much... It is only June and I'm full of positivity. 
I can only encourage every single one of you to invest your time in projects that make you go further in life, that you give your all to and eventually, they compensate you ten times as much. 
There are projects that take all your energy, all your attention. Projects that you are so passionate about that when you finish them you get a feeling of satisfaction. I encourage you to chase after them. If you don't have a passion go out and find one.
Also throw yourself in situations which may be uncomfortable for you and see how you grow while mastering them. 
Just remember: Keep walking, keep developing, keep your focus on the future and not on the past. 

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