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Iskra, Ashley and Jordyn - the new vibe

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This isn't supposed to be an intervention. I don't want to be the 1000th person to talk about the fact that healthy curves are beautiful. What I really want to talk about is the fact how people suddenly really change their minds about it and that makes it even more beautiful to me. 

The best example for this slow change of mindset is the former "Germany's Next Topmodel" candidate Sarina Nowak who turned from a skinny model girl into a beautiful curvy woman. I don't know about you but her face and everything about her just got so much more beautiful and I really appreciate the message that she's sending to all of us. To be honest with you guys (and most of the time I'm more honest than I wish to be), I truly believe Sarina is a gorgeous and absolutely sexy woman and as a woman myself, I'm not afraid to make these kinds of compliments.

@sarina_nowak, Instagram

 A question that makes me think about all this is 
"How many would tell Sarina she's beautiful when she wasn't a famous IG starlett but sitting in your seminar in uni?"

I leave the question unanswered but one thing should be clear: 
We need to rethink our beauty standards. And luckily, a lot have already changed their way of thinking. 

You want a butt? Well, you maybe gotta take the heavy thighs that come with it. 
You want boobs? Maybe gain a little weight and take the double chin that appears when you accidentally switch to your front camera.

People like Ashley Graham or Iskra Lawrence have set the foundation to women all over the world to finally #embracetheircurves. And they did it in every right way.
They live their lives as healthy role models: They work out, they eat right, they indulge when they have cravings and they lead an empowered and at the same time empowering life.

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Whenever I read "That's not curvy, that's fat. She might be ill and have a disease" or "Cellulite shows that she isn't healthy. She's overweight" I'm seriously shaking my head to those who, under all circumstances, don't want to let curvy people win. WHY THO

@iskra, Instagram
Anyway, I'm happy that this movement has already empowered so many women all over the world and I really see that women like Ashley, Jordyn, Iskra or Sarina can make you feel so much better in your own skin just by showing their own. YOU GO, GIRLS!


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