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South African Streetstyle Hypez - Cape Town

Let's continue this amazing series with the peeps from Cape Town. We found amazing people and they give you the best tips and inspiration you could ask for! Cape Town, I can always rely on you!

By the way, I have to emphasise that all of these pictures were shot for the purpose of Hypez & Vibez. Some actually thought that these pics are from the web or something but no: They look fashion editorial BUT, still, they are not stolen from anywhere!

This style literally gives me goosebumps because it is just p.e.r.f.e.c.t. Leigh works for AFS Productions, a film company specialised on commercials. Fashion is something that has lived in her as long as she can remember. It's a hobby to the point where she even designs clothes herself. Her style secret? Well, dissapointment: There is none. "Whatever you wear make sure it fits comfortably to show off your best features. This way you'll feel and look confident". Amen.
Her fashion must-haves are definitely a pair of round sunglasses, a fedora hat and high waisted shorts. Don't we have that ALL in ONE pic? Thumbs up for Leigh!

Ladies, let's go on with charismatic Mr. Green Hair. When we asked Mzi what his profession is, he told us that he actually doesn't believe in a thing like this. " I believe in being alive and having a vision and dreams. With those tools you can never go wrong". He does modelling part time and specialises in acting. "When I'm not doing any of the mentioned above it's either snuggling up in bae's arms or chilling" ISN'T THAT TO DIE FOR?
Mzi's fashion must-haves are limited to one essential: his green hair. He uses Kwaai kolour and conditioner to green his hair. "Everything else follows after that". His style secret is quite similar to Leigh's: Understanding your body type and wearing things that you fully feel comfortable in. With that, you'll look confident and can pull off anything without thinking too much about it.

Follow Mr. Green on Instagram: @mzikayise_m

Architects among themselves. And what are the inspirations of architects? You guessed it: buildings. Stephni names sweeping lines and minimalistic approach to modernist architecture. Her must-haves? A dope metallic bomber jacket (LOVE THAT)  and wet-look hair gel. She also recommends the Matt Lady Danger Lipstick by MAC and staying out of the sun. Your skin will thank you later. 
Mimi Jung and Anish Kapoor are insider art-tips of the beautiful architect. On the second picture she is posing with a known face: Ntokozo, my hero of this post and personal style-icon. We'll talk with him later in this post. 
Thank you Stephni for your beautiful plissé look and the good taste that you've proven. 

The business management student models part time and on top of that, well, he is a real style icon. So obviously, fashion is his hobby and his profession at the same time. His must-haves are transparent glasses and a good watch on your wrist. Ghandi loves to keep his styles simple and wants them to match his personality. "Dress how you feel". With this simple message there is nothing more to say. Thumbs up for Ghandis elegant and simple men's style with a dash of colour. 

Look at this sweetheart. Isn't this flower power look the cutest ever? Paired with the smile of Justina I cannot look away. Justina is the owner of the amazing thrift shop "Lindsay and Lenny" (check the Facebook page out). Ntokozo swears on this shop and now I definitely have to visit this place myself. She also studied fashion design. "What started as a mere hobby grew to be my passion and is now my profession". Gorgeous.

Justina's tips for you are a head wrap or turban combined with big statement earrings, high-waisted mom jeans, patterned vintage blouses and chunky platform sandals. For the boys she names Hawaiian shirts and oldschool denim. In general, she thinks 90's denim is the ultimate style tip. What she could never live without? "Big motherfucking ghetto earrings". I hear ya. 
Her style tip is to mix vintage and modern looks. She doesn't want to follow blindly every trend but she picks out modern pieces and combines them with her style. 

Guys, you might have seen Ntokozo before on this blog. In summer, Ntokozo has already been my "South African reporter" and travelled through Europe with an important message: #showyouarenotafraid. You can read this post here. Now we collaborated again and he was searching for trendy people in Cape Town, simultaneously with Nama who searched for fashionistas in Durban. So again, I'm super happy he accepted the challenge and put such an effort into it! I'm super proud and thankful. You're doing the most, fam!

Of course, I've also talked about his style inspirations with him and this is what the said:

Fashion must-haves: Oversized shirts with interesting prints or silky fabric. He's currently obsessed with Hawaiian shirts. His individual trick: he only does two buttons;) And again: a pair of cool oversized black sunglasses. They complete the look and add a bit of sauce. (Apparently, Capetonians all agree on this). 

Fashion secret: Keeping it simple! Less is more. If you do want to go a bit over the top, Ntokozo recommends trying the look in all black to play it safe. Again: Dress appropriately for your body, hair and skin type. "Pull it off confidently like you're going to a red carpet event. Don't be a mannequin!"

Lastly, Ntokozo works as an architect and draws buildings from nine to five. Besides that, he works for an online shopping app called YEAY and he's their Cape Town Brand Scout (more about that in a future post). Fashion is still a big hobby for him.  

Alriiiiight. If you guys want to show cool people to me that we can feature here on Hypez & Vibez, feel free to tell me about it! It was a great challenge and I'm thankful for all those who participated. You guys are raaaaaaaaad.



  1. Das ist so ein toller Fashion & Inspirations-Post!!! Wow, der Stil von Ghandi und Leigh gefällt mir soooo sehr! Will auch unbedingt wieder warmes Wetter haben!

    Alles Liebe,
    Laura von www.lauratopa.com :)

    1. Vielen Dank, meine Liebe! Ja die beiden sind super! :))

  2. Richtig richtig toller Post! So viele unterschiedliche Styles und voller Inspiration! Gerade diese Vielfalt und dazu der Sommer und die Lebensfreude in den Fotos - hach einfach herrlich! :)

    Hab ein wundervolles Wochenende!
    Liebe Grüße an Dich! ❤ Saskia | www.demwindentgegen.de

    1. Oh vielen Dank, das freut mich total! Ich finde auch, dass die Fotos richtig positiv sind!

      Ganz liebe Grüße, Helena :)


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