Freitag, 30. September 2016

"leave you alone" - the art of spending time on your own

When was the last time you spent time on your own? 
Not the time you was watching Netflix or read a book at home. I mean when was the last time you were really enjoying your leisure completely alone - in public? 

Samstag, 10. September 2016

"People started to pay me for my photos. That was kind of scary" - 5 Questions with Christoph Schaller

VOGUE, Levi's, New York Magazine - just a couple of big names the German photographer Christoph Schaller has worked for. 
Starting to take pictures in his teenage years, the 25-year old photographer from Munich has now become an influential and successful force in his field. 
Luckily, I had the chance to ask him 5 questions about how he started, what he is currently working on and which subjects he prefers to take photos of.