Freitag, 19. August 2016

Tory Lanez - the vocal chameleon

OMG, the day has finally come and Tory Lanez has released his debut album "I Told You". (Okay, can we just take a minute and appreciate this fact).
While everyone is obsessed with the new visual album "Endless" by Frank Ocean, I`m sitting here like: "How the heck is everyone so excited about this freaking album?". Well, I will listen to this as well but at the moment - back to bae Tory.

So the first thing I did was jumping in front of my laptop to download this precious piece and guess what? I AM FREAKING OUT. My expectations are high. Let's find out if "I Told You" meets my requirements.

You can find 14 songs on "I Told You" including "Say It" and "LUV". What really makes this album special is that it officially has 2 genres. iTunes classifies it into HipHop/Rap as well as RnB/Soul. Actually, I think this is the perfect overall summary already. You cannot classify this into only one single genre. 
Like we've seen it with Bryson Tiller and "Trapsoul", also a combination of two genres, Lanez keeps a balance between all the different styles.
What really left me speechless is the fact that Lanez is able to slip into every role of the common HipHop / RnB artists. He can rap (also in the trap style), he freestyles, he sings like in "Say It" or "Loners Blvd" and yeah, he can even sing like a Fetty Wap 2.0.
Nowadays artists get themselves features for their albums to make it sound more vivid and versatile, whereas Tory Lanez is the one and only feature himself.

We can find many influences or impressions of other artists on "I Told You".
Whether it's Travis Scott, Fetty Wap, Bryson Tiller, Future, Lil Wayne flows or even Kendrick Lamar (when he changes his voice in a lighter, more surreal version), Tory Lanez combines all the popular features and creates his very own style. 
The beats are simple, no complex instrumentals. He kind of accomplishes to really enrich the instrumentals with his voice only so the sound is very smooth and pure.  

The booklet includes a text about his early life when he was broke and without perspective. He wrotes about all the bad circumstances he was in and how he still was convinced to finally make it one day. This is why the album was finally named "I Told You".

The album also has a lot of skits included in the songs. This is definitely something you can argue about. Skits usually tell a story behind the songs but being included in the middle of the songs? they can get a bit annoying.
My personal favourites are definitely "Guns n Roses", "Dirty Money", "High" and "Loners Blvd". In fact, every single song is good. Not to mention the earlier released singles "LUV" and "Say It".
Honestly, there is unfortunately no real "banger" on the album but the overall sound is simply comfy.
Even if the skits and the lack of specialty are something to dislike, I can absolutely recommend listening to this debut album. It is just easy going and nice to chill to.

Below, I have a video of Tory Lanez freestyling to the instrumental of "Sorry Not Sorry" by Bryson Tiller. The diss against Drake is just such a reminder of old Lil Wayne flows. Unbelievable!

Alright guys, let me know what you think of "I Told You"!


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