Montag, 29. August 2016

#showyouarenotafraid - Ntokozo travels Europe

When the German  was calling out a major art project of the artist Mikael Mikael, called "Show You Are Not Afraid", I was immediately trying to get involved. 
The project wants people to stand up against the fears of our time: terrorism, crime, violence or more "personal" ones like body shaming, etc. 
Since April I was trying to find a way to express my ideas for this campaign. However, after a lack of creativity I never really knew how to do so and decided to put it aside. When my friend Ntokozo, an architect from South Africa, decided to travel to Europe at a very rough and tense time, I finally knew what to do...

Samstag, 27. August 2016

baby you should go and love yourself - my personal brainstorming

"love yourself" - either you want to make a person understand in a gentle way that you don't give a single f*ck what they think (like Biebs) OR you want to give a person THE most important rule in order to live a happy life. 
Today, I'll be talking about both. And if anything is overdue at the moment, than it is definitely this convo. (For anyone who is too lazy to read the whole post, I put down a summary at the end lol)

Donnerstag, 18. August 2016

mandala hypes - cool features of mandalas and my versions of them

Soo before I'll finally find the perfect circumstances to create that freaking fashion-post, I thought I'll be talking a bit about my mandala obsession and how it really helped me to reduce those moments where you totally freaking out about an issue and totally lose the plot.

Montag, 15. August 2016

summer vibes - Crete Impressions

While most of you might still got stuck in those summer daazee, personally, I can't wait until fall is coming. I'm already totally in this autumn/fall mood and I wouldn't mind colder temperature and rainy days. Am I the only weirdo that actually feels this way?!
Anyways, I have some of my favourite shots from this year's girls' vacation in beautiful Crete for you. 

Sonntag, 14. August 2016

10 things every girl should get a routine in before turning 20

I know I shouldn't even try to apologize for not having posted something in such a long time but let me explain anyway. 
Since that whole university thing as well as this being sick thing got me going crazy the past two weeks I really wasn't able to do anything besides getting well again and getting my act together before my first semster starts in 3 weeks. 
BUT two weeks are a lot of time to think about life. And since starting university is such a big new chapter in anyone's life, I thought "why not getting your life in order".
So this is how I've come up with this post for ma ladies.